In 1990 we first visited the island of Holbox and it was love at first sight. A place far away and forgotten. Holbox had it all, though in appearance and from the worldly point of view, had nothing. A natural beauty inhabited by a few, still uncontaminated by the vices of interest and ambition.

We took to the task of finding a a property which would allow us to be part of paradise: lush wildlife and marine life, crowned by the magnificent and peaceful whale shark. It was after this magnificent animal that we named our place, Rhincodon Typus, in honor of its scientific name.

Like everything beautiful, Holbox finally awakened the ambition of the people seeking money, thereby contaminating some of its original inhabitants. Fortunately, these were not the only people who have arrived. Nature lovers have taken hold of Holbox and who today contribute to this beautiful island.

Our goal is to maintain Holbox an untouched corner of nature. A source of inspiration and delight for those who appreciate been in contact with Mother Nature without sacrificing comfort.

The "Rhincodon typus Glamping" has its inspiration and birth inspired by only one idea: to relax while becoming a part of nature. Without affecting the environment and placing special emphasis on being an anti-massive place. We decided to create a natural zone of comfort and creativity. So, in an area of half a hectare with direct waterfront the property counts with: the lobby/restaurante area, one luxury cabin and 6 Glamping Tents. In Cancun there are similar grounds with over one hundred rooms.

We want to be part of this growing group of human beings who want to enjoy nature and be part of the trend of people who enjoy the glamor of coexisting without being destructive.

At Rhincodon Typus Glamping we have it all, including connecting with yourself, and/or with your partner or your friends.